Finances: bookkeeping & payroll

Spicer & Co.’s bookkeeping skills will keep your accounting records up-to-date. Plus our payroll services will help you regardless of how many people you employ – even if it’s just the one!

You’ll find that our bookkeeping and payroll offer you:

Peace of mind – that your bookkeeping and payroll are fully compliant and accurate
Reassurance – that your employees will be paid correctly and on time, every time
Knowledge – of current business performance at any time
Confidence – that your data is kept secure and confidential

Bookkeeping services

By working with Spicer & Co, your bookkeeping is up-to-date and accurate. Additional benefits are:

• Reduced costs – efficiencies are suggested and an internal bookkeeper is not needed
• Extra time – you and your team are free of bookkeeping tasks
• Access to current financial information about your business at any time
• Safe and secure data – using a cloud bookkeeping system

Our bookkeeping services provide an accurate and timely foundation for the preparation of VAT returns, management accounts and annual accounts. It’s good to know that these details are readily available when needed.

Personalised payroll services

Would like peace of mind that your payroll is fully understood – not simply processed?

An efficient payroll needs to run smoothly, be fully compliant and support business goals. That’s exactly how the team at Spicer & Co can help you.

Yes, we can process your payroll accurately and on time. You’ll discover that we’re extremely observant and proactive too. From helping you to comply with National Living Wage requirements to checking that you’re on track to meet your objectives… our friendly experts are here to help.

If we spot any opportunities or issues as your payroll is processed, we’ll let you know and suggest the best way forward.

Relax – we generate all the necessary payroll paperwork too!

Peace of mind…

Rest assured that your bookkeeping and payroll activities are expertly monitored and managed from start to finish.

So – avoid time-consuming number crunching. Talk to the friendly team at Spicer & Co about a proactive, specialist finance service… one that delivers for your business and your employees.

“Since working with Spicer & Co we have the support from a dedicated team that enables our business to grow and aids us with the minefield of red tape that this involves,” – Chris and Caroline The Plough Inn.