Do you need a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper lays the groundwork for your accounts. Those credit card statements, receipts and invoices lurking in your drawer? A bookkeeper will relieve you of all that pesky paperwork and collate all your business transactions to ensure that everything matches up nicely.

And that’s exactly what we do. Our bookkeepers reconcile your financial accounts so you have peace of mind that your numbers are in order. And if they’re not? Our eagle-eyed number crunchers can sort out any errors or omissions well before your year-end accounts are due.

Why a bookkeeper is your best friend

Why a bookkeeper is your best friend

With a bookkeeper, you won’t need to deal with all that time-consuming paperwork. Or figure out why the books don’t balance. All that’s taken care of. And because we’ve got our eyes on your business, we can quickly spot any issues – like payments coming in late or problems with cash flow – that could affect your finances.

As your bookkeeper, we can come to your premises – we’ll have a cup of tea, one sugar, thanks! Or you can drop your paperwork into our Dunstable office, pop it in the post or show it to us via your cloud-based software. Whichever way you choose, your information will be kept safe, secure and confidential.

Your bookkeeping bonus

Your bookkeeping bonus

A bookkeeper helps you keep on top of your finances. With someone taking care of your books, they can give you accurate and up-to-date information whenever you need it.

And the bonus? Bookkeeping is the foundation for a whole host of accounting requirements. Once we’ve got your books in order, we’re ready to help you with VAT returns, management accounts and annual accounts.

Bookkeeping that’s the bee’s knees

We charge per hour for our bookkeeping service. Or why not discuss what else we can do for you as a part of a fixed-fee package?

We’re always up for a chat so give us a call on 01582 662815 or drop us a line.

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