Lisa Roberts Catering Limited
‘From catering chaos to calm’

When Lisa Roberts Catering Limited came to use they were using Excel Spreadsheets and raising invoices manually. They had no clear records of costs and was just passing a folder of receipts on to their previous accountant. This meant there was no up to date business information to help them make business decisions and they had no idea if they were making any profit!

The only information they had was the year end account, produced months after year end!
After becoming a client, we demonstrated the benefits of using a cloud based book keeping package. We moved them onto Xero which meant they could issue invoices, easily and keep track of sales and payment.   

We process their bank transactions and purchase invoices on a timely basis, and the company now has up to date information at their fingertips and can tell which events are the most profitable, track expenditure on items such as wages and other overheads, and this also enables us as their accountants to be proactive and keep an eye on the company’s results for tax planning purposes.

Carol Waldock – Beaujolais hair salon
‘From home to hair salon’

Carol was a Hairdresser working from a room of her house.  An opportunity became available to move the salon into an independent living development locally.  She needed to understand if this was a good opportunity for her and understand her costs and the profit she might make. She also had to submit a plan to bid for the business.

So we devised a business plan and projected cashflow, which was submitted to the development managers and considered alongside other applicants.

Carol was selected in securing these new premises and was excited to move into the new development to run her salon.

Additionally, we supported the move by providing contacts for solicitors, insurance and funding options to ensure the smooth transition.  The new premises have given her an increase in business, more visibility and a better work-life.